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XCOMMS, USA - XComms, a leading provider of internal corporate communication solutions, is proud to announce its expansion to the African continent. This exciting new venture will bring the XComms expertise, resources, and innovative solutions to the region, supporting its development and contributing to its economic growth.

XComms has always been committed to serving new markets and providing its customers with category-defining internal communications solutions. The expansion to Africa represents a significant opportunity for XComms to serve new markets and provide innovative solutions to the continent of Africa and its surrounding islands.

"We are thrilled to announce our expansion to the African continent," said Paula, XComms's CEO. "Our team has been working hard to identify new opportunities for growth, and we believe that Africa represents a significant potential for our business. Our goal is to bring our expertise, resources, and innovative solutions to the region and support its development."


XComms is committed to building strong relationships with local partners and customers, and to contribute to the region's economic growth. XComms will work closely with local organizations to offer customers the best products and services, and to support their needs and goals.

This expansion is a major step forward for XComms and will bring new opportunities for growth and success. The company is excited to serve the African market and contribute to its development.

XComms Africa

About XComms
XComms is a leading provider of cut-through corporate communication solutions. With 12 years in business, the company has established a reputation for delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. XComms is committed to expanding its reach and supporting the development of new markets.

For more information about the XComms expansion to the African continent, please contact XComms 

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