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Managing Screensavers for Domain Users and Windows Machines

Managing the screensaver process can be challenging in any organization. Of course you can deploy a standard screensaver and manage the settings with group policy but that process would need to be repeated every time you want to change domain user or shared computer windows screensavers. And in all cases IT resources would be needed.

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How Do I Deploy screensavers to domain users and computers with group policy (GPO)?

You do not need to use group policy to deploy and manage screensavers to all employee computers as long as they have the XComms desktop client application running and they are targeted when you send out the screensaver.

Can I send a screensaver out to all employees without getting IT involved?

Yes you can send out employees screensaver without having to get IT involved.

  • Login to XComms

  • Expand "Screensaver Manager"

  • Click "Add Screensaver"

  • Upload or drag and drop a single image, multiple images, a Power Point presentation or videos

  • Set idle/inactivity wait time

  • Set (or not) the logon options

  • Click "Next"

  • Target your individual users, machine names or groups and click "Send"

Screensavers without group policy


How to Apply a Screen Saver Through Group Policy in a Domain?

To send screensavers to all employees in a domain first login into XComms and navigate to your Wallpaper manager. Expand and click "New Wallpaper". Upload or drag and drop screensaver image(s),, PowerPoint presentations or video content, click "Next", target domain users, computer names or domain or custom groups and click send.

​You can verify delivery in Screensaver history or analytics.

Screensaver Content Options:

  • Single Image

  • Multiple Images

  • Use PowerPoint for screensaver

  • Videos for Screensavers

Deploy screensavers to employees across domain with group policy


How to change screensaver idle / wait time settings for domain users and computers through group policy?

Navigate to the new screensaver page and set them time in minutes in the "wait" time section.


How To Enable Windows Lock Screen after Inactivity with Group Policy?

Navigate to the new screensaver page and simply check the box marked "On resume, display logon screen".

This will automatically prompt a user to unlock their machine with their regular user id and password before they are brought back to their desktop.

Enable Windows Lock Screen after Inactivity for Screensaver Group Policy GPO

How to prevent Users from changing assigned Screensavers in Windows with Group Policy?

To prevent employees from changing their screensavers and to lock screensaver change settings for users you need to make sure the screensaver lock/unlock function is enabled on the XComms client you installed.

To verify whether you have the locked version installed, try to change the screensaver manually or check your system configuration files.


Learn more about how XComms can help your organization manage your screensaver process without group policy.

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